Creativity at Round and Round the Gardens



Sarah Wilkinson-Smith

Creative Lead Practitioner





Preparing for our 'All the Fun of the Fair' display board for the

Pyrford and Wisley Flower Show on Saturday 9th July 2017!!



Below are some pictures from our first Creative Shoots get together session at Farnham Maltings in November 2013.


We were very lucky to be joined by three inspiring and experienced creative artists:


Becci Kenning - Visual Arts


Roya Hamid - Storytelling


Anna Tabbush - Singing and Music


Practitioners from various Early Years settings spent the morning discussing thoughts around the idea of creativity with children from birth to 5 years.  It was a fantastic opportunity, as expressed by Roya "to exchange feelings, thoughts and challenges about the effective delivery of the arts in early years settings to support children's learning."


In the afternoon all three creative artists had planned some fantastic creative activities for us to participate that they hoped could be adapted to suit our setting and the children in our care.  Each activity could link to each of the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). 


 There was also particular emphasis on the three areas of the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning' from the EYFS...


* Playing and Exploring

* Active Learning

* Creating and thinking critically 


I thoroughly enjoyed this kinaesthetic approach to learning and at how visual arts, storytelling, singing and music could be delivered effectively at Round and Round the Gardens to support our children's learning and development.  


What did I learn most from this session?


...I learnt more about what creativity really is...


a process which is lead by imagination, pursues a purpose, is original and is valued by one's self.  It is an experience, an experience which has no limits, which does not have to achieve anything...


How did I take this sessions' experience back to the nursery?


From this session I was bubbling over with creativity! 

I was eager to engage with children and staff through planned and spontaneous creative activities and experiences!





I worked with Bumblebees, Ladybirds and Dragonflies on a 'Creative Malleable Activity' based on the storybook of 'The Gruffalo.' It was really successful and the children loved creating their own Gruffalo's from playdough and open-ended resources such as straws, matchsticks, ribbon and much more.  To finish, they shared their 'Gruffalo's' as a group and sharing what was special about it.  It was interesting to see the children being creative individually and independently!  Parents viewed the display of the childrens' creations and gave very positive feedback!